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Developer History --- 1970's

The first adjoining developer represented McDonald's and Pizza Hut Corporations.

In the 1970's, landowners / developers contacted our family. They needed to use part of the Lacaria property that was along US 50. If they were not allowed the use the Lacaria land, they would have to cancel their plans. As the developer would have to build back from the property line five feet; then build a two to one slope from the valley floor up. This would only have left room for one business. An easement was granted to use part of the Lacaria Land. They built their lateral support slope. My parents were left an access road to their home.

The land pictured below is currently owned by McDonald's Corporation and Pizza Hut, (PepsiCo)

McDonalds Before

  McDonalds During

Developer History --- Late 1980's - Early 1990's

My father, Frank Lacaria, was asked to join a rezoning meeting. It concerned a parcel of land owned by a local developer. This parcel is above the McDonalds / Pizza Hut Restaurants located in Bridgeport West Virginia. (Picture, above right)

A zoning change was gone over. They were going to maintain a 50 foot greenway from our property line to their proposed building. A Greenway is a buffer zone consisting of esthetically pleasing grass and other vegetation. This Greenway would have existed from the our property line to the developers first adjoining building, or parking lot area.

The proposed building was to be a single multiple-story structure. They told my father that it would not be detrimental to his property. My father agreed to the rezoning, which would allow them to proceed with their plans. Keep in mind; the current longtime property owner took great care in whatever earthen work he performed in the area over many years. As such, we were lulled to sleep, not realizing that he had sold the property, until we encountered the situation covered in this story.


The picture below on the left, is the general area that was discussed at the meeting.

The picture on the right is the top of the area before the new developer took over, (discussed next).

The scene is facing north and is located above McDonald's in Bridgeport and adjacent to the Lacaria property.

The 50' greenway, mentioned earlier, would have existed from the (blue line), towards the left, (red line).

The Lacaria property, pictured on the right of the blue line with the trees, was higher than the plateau shown in the pictured. (That would change when the new developer took over).


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