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Night and Day  
Night And Day - Corporate Comparisons

The Difference between Night and Day covers a comparable situation to what was covered in “It Was The Worst of Times".

What is going to happen to me?

Though uncannily similar, this situation has major differences: The presentation is short, less technocratic with more personal narration. The corporate entity was a much larger Out of State Entity, the adjoining landowner much weaker and older. Overall; The Difference Between Night and Day.

The old man asked; What is going to happen to me? He already knew, but hoped that I had a way to stop it. I told him the same as I told a few other prominent individuals; "Your road is going to get blown out and they are going to lose their parking lot". He looked down staring at the floor and resigned himself to the inevitable.

This inevitable fact was narrated by a phone call I received shortly after the end of It Was the Worst of Times. Massive amounts of storm drainage had come down off of Platinum Properties and was running across McDonald's Property and down the slope near US 50. "That damn water is going to cause a slip. The slope began its initial slip and so began the drama of his road collapse, a reality quite unsettling for an older person, even though I prepared him for it. In conjunction, McDonald’s parking lot immediately began having major drainage issues. In the meantime, my father gave me his 1939 WV State Engineering Plans for what he terms New US 50 and asked me to go make copies.

Later an engineering firm was surveying the sinking drainage system at McDonalds Restaurant. He had me give a copy of his 1939 Engineering Plan to one of their engineers. The engineer stated that he had never seen this engineering plan before. I then asked the Engineer about the slip. What slip? He was not aware of any slip?

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