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Platinum Properties Start Of Corrective Measures

Friday August 3, 2007, I was on vacation. I drove past 109 and 113 Platinum Drive. I observed activity at the rear area of Platinum Drive.

I went home, retrieved my camera and returned. I took some video footage. A fiber optic cable that had been attached to the guardrail near the property line had been cut. I followed the path back around the guardrail and realized it had been rerouted. It seemed they were getting ready to do some type of work at the fence line area.

Monday Evening, August 6, 2007, My wife informed me that she thought she had seen activity at the fence line, through the trees. I noticed the guardrail was dropped. There was clearing work on our property, which is on the other side of the guardrail.

Special Notes In Regard To The Above

As stated within the timeline; In March of 2007, I forwarded the developer's managing attorney a letter of suggestions regarding secure access and the use of small tractors to build their retaining wall. This knee jerk response was hopeful that said entities would correct their area before we encountered problems from their on-site drainage problems. The letter was MOOT, before it was even written.

Nevertheless; The visuals of the August 6, 2007 above images led us to believe one of the suggestion from the premature letter was used; To come in near the stable area, north of the fire hydrant.

Also, over the years other attorneys would take me old letters and then use them when it suited their interest and the situation.


They Did What?

Mr. Ray Henderson, (Consulting Engineer), wanted to know why Platinum Properties removed the trees and by whose authority was the adding of more weight over an active slip area. He stated that the initial agreement of 2005, or any other correspondence since was of no consequence, as all were based on getting the area corrected before a landslide occurred. Now that it occurred they had no license and could be in trespass. We need to get an injunction to stop the work until Platinum Properties Engineer's Plans could be reviewed. We could not get a law firm to do so.

At some point, I phoned the City of Bridgeport's Engineer. The City Engineer stated that he did not know anything about the fence line work. There was no permit or plan that was presented to him. They already started. We were held hostage to their efforts.


Plans, Permits? Who Needs Them?

The City Engineer; Did not have a plan or permit from Platinum Properties even though the developer had engineers on site since late 2006 to early 2007.

In 2004 and in 2005 Platinum Properties Managing Attorney/s were forwarded; Three of Four Retaining Wall Estimates and Engineering documentation that involved input from two additional Geo-Technical Engineering Firms.

Regardless of the above; Though years apart, it appeared that the same thought processes that created the Original Temporary Destabilizing Support Slope, were the same that decided on their current course of action.

I contacted Platinum Property's contracting firm and forbid any more work on my property until they had a permit and the Bridgeport City Engineer approved of their plan. By early morning, The City of Bridgeport had a permit and a copy of the plans. (Small scans of the Right Side and Left Side).

The contactor called and apologized. He said he knew there were strained relations between Platinum Properties and myself. I informed him of our home location and the work he was doing in relative closeness to the barn. He stated that he was not aware of how close we were. A very important detail that this man, was not told this fact by the developer or their engineer.

The contractors placed two new drop inlets at the rear of building C. They redirected and reattached the roof drainage system line output from both 109 and 113 Platinum Drive into the new 12" line between these two inlets. This drain repair / replacement was not shown in the Terradon Engineering Plan that was obtained from the City of Bridgeport.

Tit for Tat?

Note: The Date on the Terradon Engineering Plan Matched The Date On My FORMAL PSC Complaint. However, the date on my weeks earlier In-Formal (Heads-Up) PSC Complaint was long before the Terradon's Engineering's Plan date.

Note: I would encounter and monitor the practice of backdating over the years. The overall reasoning has not been determined. However, I have an analogy that may explain it. When I was a young man of 20, I found out that two Bell System workers got caught by a District level supervisor in a coffee shop at 10:00 A.M in the morning. He sent them back to the local storeroom and had them pick up a cable reel on the truck and then told them to go to Work. The workers were in the wrong, they could have been fired. However, they filed a grievance on the District Level Supervisor. When I asked them Why? They said he had them pick up a 5200 LB cable reel. The truck was only rated for 5000 LB's. I still did not understand, he could have fired you?. One worker said that is the point. You have to hit them first, as anything from them afterwards looks like or tit for tat. I never realized; that one day I would find out how far up the societal ladder such thought processes went, or more likely; how far they had come down.

Missed Opportunities or Strategic Planning Gone Wild

By 2005; The developer's managing attorney was forwarded Multiple Support Wall Estimates from Three Different Contractors and a Sequential Plan inclusive of three Geo-Technical Engineering Firms.
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