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Note: This Q&A Pertains Only To "It Was The Worst Of Times" 2003 to 2008.

Isn't this just a landowner’s issue?

Short answer; No. The "landowner's issue" was preprogrammed and pleaded early on and throughout our ordeal, for any issue that arose, as if repeating it would hypnotize individuals into thinking it was so.

The Department of Environment Protection did not consider it a landowner’s issue. The US Forestry Service did not consider it a landowner’s issue. Initially, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia did not consider it a landowner’s issue, (it appeared that they got more aggressive when the "landowner's issue strategy" was attempted on them).

The DEP agent's input further illustrates that this situation Was Not just a one time event, a landowner's issue, or a mixture of bad judgment calls; But the exact opposite. As such, any excuse that infers otherwise falls very short.

Why did you document such detailed information? 

I contacted a DEP agent who told me to document our situation to prevent future such cases.

Were you being pressured to sue?

We were put under inexplicable duress to get some type of reaction, and a suit may have been one reaction vested interests were was hoping for. However, a suit did not materialize, their designed in construction flaws did not act accordingly and backfired with a vengeance.

Why is there no sense of community outrage in this documentary ?  

Our home location gave us extreme privacy. This fact allowed the developer and/or partners great leeway to basically work us over without many knowing. Thus, no outrage. However, by the year 2007 other questionable drainage events, regarding new developmental undertakings occurred. The seriousness of these events could desensitize a community over time. Thus, making the outrageous excepted as the the norm. Thus, some may attempt to compare events in this documentary with those situations; however, there is only one comparison.

What Comparison?

The foundations, that led to the events in this documentary, were laid out years before these other events occurred. The initial subjugation of regulatory oversight to geo-political thought processes began here. This set the precedent for all future regulatory oversight.

How do you feel others  will react to this documentary?

The most difficult aspect of this presentation is the fact that the a portion of of the public may not care, so they may not read something of this nature, at least in any detail. Some may feel they don't understand it, or are led to believe they don't understand it. Others may be distressed these adversarial endeavors even occurred. On the flip side, some may be distressed that these these adversarial endeavors failed.

Was There Any Concern That Went Un-Addressed?

Yes. This Concern was addressed to the Harrison County Commission, wrapped in legalese and punted. The concerns became realities as Described Here.


Review our backgrounds and then consider: The issues presented in this documentary were hidden at the outset, but in time they were the worst kept secret in a densely populated area and no one of good conscience could only watch; Those of lesser conscience, could only wait. All was done, amongst governmental and technological entities and directly along the intersection of I-79 and U.S Route 50. All of which begs: What chance does any West Virginia Citizen have? Especially those who reside in small communities or remote areas in the southern part of the state?

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