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This video was recorded on November 12, 2003, it was taken to the city on November, 2003.









November 19, 2003, I went to the City of Bridgeport during a heavy rainstorm. I wanted to show the City where the current flood water was coming from. It was directly affecting, our home, access road - Corpening Drive & US Route 50 down to Ace Hardware.

I was told by the City Planner that he was too busy to come and take a look. I asked him to look out of the window at US Route 50 and the water that was affecting ACE Hardware. He said he could not.

The next day, I delivered a VHS tape of the previous day's rainstorm, to the City of Bridgeport and received a signed confirmation.


This street, long on recorded, was constructed in 1991 by Harold R Marsh. At the time the cost overruns were quite large, as he constructed the street in layers with different types of rock base that had a heavy clay content.

This fact along with his angling saved this street as it had multiple episodes as the one shown in this video. In hindsight, Mr. Marsh's construction was the only reason our street was not washed away. This fact was fortunate for us, but not for others.



The Bridgeport City Planner intervened after the video tape delivery. However; after this time period, Corpening Drive suffered episodes of extreme water drainage and damage, some events as dire as in the previous video.
Images from that time). A Petroleum Development Corporation representative informed me that Platinum Properties was "very difficult to deal with". He was frustrated, as they used Corpening Drive to service one of their gas wells.

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