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An Uplifting Experience    

Preface to "An Uplifting Experience"

The September 2005 timeframe of Jackson and Kelly's Agreement had passed and the agreement provisions were not attempted. Rich Lane forwarded a copy of a rough drawing from Triad Engineering in October of 2005. It illustrated a large rock blanket. I could not get a response from Platinum Properties after that.

CityNet, a then occupant of building 113 Platinum Drive, had the same analogous owners as Platinum Properties. So, I contacted CityNet, who quickly arranged a meeting at the fence line area. In addition to myself, the meeting was attended by an engineer with Triad Engineering and two Laurita Construction Supervisors. The Triad Engineer apologized several times. He had never seen the agreement until then. My concerns was the diversion of Platinum Properties drainage away from our property, and the appearance of the access road.

Laurita Construction wanted to address the water drainage issues and wanted to move the property line fire hydrant, located at 113 Platinum Drive, to the opposite side of Platinum Properties parking lot area. The Triad Engineer was adamant about getting the work started as soon as possible. Laurita Construction wanted to wait until drier weather. They finally agreed amongst themselves to perform the work during the drier spring and summer months ahead. Hand shakes with the understanding that it was shortly going to be corrected. It wasn't.

Though nothing was done. Within months, it was realized why the Triad Engineer was so adamant. In the latter part of 2006, Platinum's small 6 inch underground roof drainage line would be finished off by the heavier garbage trucks; It was crushed.

The drainage, that had been coming down into our property, backed up and reversed course back to Buildings 109 & 113 Platinum Drive..
An Uplifting Experience - March 2007

An individual asked me if I was aware of the problems with 109 and 113 Platinum Drive areas. I was told to pay closer attention.

(In late 2006; A small tractor had been located at the front of 109 Platinum Drive; (B).

I located a February 26, 2007 WBOY TV News Report. It covered 109 Platinum Drive's structural upheaval. (The floor of Building 109 Platinum Drive raised in 2001. So, the above WBOY New Report illustrated a larger repeat of said 2001 Situation).

I went to the Harrison County Courthouse and located a recent December 5, 2006 Quitclaim Deed transferring the 109 and 113 Platinum Drive Property Parcels from Platinum Properties LLC to Platinum Leasing LLC. These were not good signs. In 2003; Zoning Changes and Deed Movements were engaged or planned, during my original notices of structural deficiencies. So, a pattern is discovered. One that will continue for the many years to follow. When notice is provided of possible incidents or when incidents do occur; Managing Attorneys will always engage in background movements.

By early 2006, I had forwarded Typical Retention Walls & Sequential Engineering Plans to Platinum Properties Managing Attorney/s. Our Hopes was correction to the Thrasher Engineering's fence line supported lateral support wall, before such occurred. All were ignored. Nevertheless; I continued the exercise in futility, when I forwarded a desperate letter to Platinum Properties Managing Attorneys, (Approximately March 22, 2007). I suggested a small access road to correct their area. (This was not the access road from the Fraudulent Jackson and Kelly 2005 agreement, as it was too late for such a road.

The letter was already too late for us, and for so many more; the guilty and innocent alike...

Barn In Area Slip

Directly after I sent the letter; Frank Lacaria informed me of a slip at the road next to our barn. He also informed me that my recently widowed Aunt Mavis had three feet' of water in her basement on February 21, 2007. I believe Frank waited to inform me of these two situations, probably feeling I had enough to deal with. (A plat is provided). Precipitation during this period was nil. So, we suffered the wrath of pent up or backed up drainage. Bear in mind the generalizition: The February 26, 2007 WBOY report stated "Repair work on these two buildings started about two weeks ago"

Platinum and Insurance Company

I contacted Platinum Properties Managing Attorney; Eric London. I informed him of what was happening. I asked him when Platinum Properties corrected their Western Front area above, if they would then correct my area in unison. He affirmed that they would. I contacted Cincinnati Insurance and spoke to the same insurance representative that was in the meeting that produced the breeched 2005 Agreement. He stated: "I hoped I would never hear from you again". I told him what was happening. He asked; You mean that they never fixed the area?

Subsequently, The Cincinnati Insurance Agent informed me that their Attorney was currently in meetings with the Platinum Properties Attorney. Both of whom created their now 2005 Breeched Agreement. Shortly thereafter, we received a letter; The letter gave the impression of confusion and inferred, or pointed us to the entities that created the recently completed Platinum Drive. In other words; They were pointing to the City of Bridgeport and the State of West Virginia.

Focus Change

The inference of other responsible parties led, or gave me permission, to change my focus to these areas. Was there any truth, in what appeared to be inferred references towards the City of Bridgeport or the State of West Virginia, or possibly another entity?

I located the September 1994 deed of Platinum Properties purchase of this area for $1,750,000.00, (One Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars).

I then located the 2003 Purchase Agreement between Platinum Properties and the City of Bridgeport Planning Authority. The Property Deed, associated with the September 8, 2003 Purchase Agreement between the City of Bridgeport and Platinum Properties contained a purchase price of $3,000,00.00, (Three Million Dollars).

A difference of One Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars for a property area that appeared to be substantially less than the total area Platinum Properties originally purchased in 1994. This information added to a Realtor's website provided the visuals for the movement.

Additional millions of taxpayer funds were used to build Platinum Drive from Eastpointe to Route 58. A road first advertised for congestion relief, after ridiculed by a local newspaper as "the road to nowhere", the reason then changed to developmental reasons.

With the above basis; Did managing attorneys hint at this same reason as the cause for their Building B buckling? Considering their modus operandi; Would they also make an attempt at blaming us?  

An Odd look

The first person I had look at the area was Mr. Richard Marsh. Mr. Marsh's reputation for understanding and correcting these type situations is well known.

Mr. Marsh informed me where the major underground saturation point was located near our barn. He informed me of the location to dig a test hole, the probable depth we would find the water saturation and a way to divert the water from area. A longer drainage system was to be located within a few feet of the barn. He noticed the barn had not been damaged, not even the slightest hairline crack. The odd look of the slip, more like a dipped area. (In June of 2007 we discovered the reason why it looked this way.)

He as well as two other contractors, informed me to put plastic over the slip area until dry weather arrives.

Coal Seam

Mr. Marsh and I drove up to the developer's property to look at the property line area. 

On our way to the rear of 113 Platinum Drive; He asked me to stop at the front of Building 109 Platinum Drive.

He looked around and then asked: Have they had any trouble with this Building, (109 Platinum Drive)?

I said yes.

He asked what kind of trouble? I informed him what I had read.

What did they say is causing it? I said some type of mine soil mixed with water, (pyrite). He said they got the water right.

He then stated that the building 109 Platinum Drive was placed over a coal seam and that they, (Platinum Properties), destabilized the area. Tell them to get the water off of you and let's go, I do not need to see anything else. We left.

Arduous Aspects

Below is a picture of the, 20' X100', plastic sheets I purchased. At times I had to replace the sheets of plastic as the heat and stretching caused cracks. It was very awkward and extraordinarily strenuous to work this way. I used 8 and 12 inch cinder blocks along with stakes to keep it tight. The second picture is where I later relocated the blocks and fence post. I had some help, but there were times I had to do the work alone carrying the blocks back and forth on uneven terrain.

The most difficult realization: The later realization that Platinum Properties had been "pumping" their combined drainage from the roofs of buildings 109 and 113 Platinum Drive, along with the rear parking lot area of both of these two buildings into an underground focal point directly above the red barn. (A red barn that suffered damage from the Platinum Properties surface drainage in 2003). The arduous work in placing and up keeping a cover over the slip area was of no consequence. What was of consequence, is the devastating health issue and the domino effect that developed during this particular work process.


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