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Area Topography

HR Marsh, A long time excavator and mining supervisor, supplied these facts: 109 Platinum Drive had been partially placed on a dog leg, (ending edge of a coal seam). In doing so, "They" destabilized the area.

Mr. Ray Henderson, A former Head of Engineering for Consul Energy, whose oversight was Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland, had direct oversight and very intimate knowledge of this particular area. He reflected Mr. Marsh's statement. He referred to the "buffered" stone bench area in his June 2007 Engineering Report; "This part of their development is on a northeasterly facing finger of an original bench and that bench was filled over to a depth a 5 to 14 feet".

Mr. Frank Lacaria, (Generational occupant since 1929) made the same statement reflecting Mr. Marsh's and Mr. Henderson's statement.

All three individuals informed me of the same facts during three different time periods without any input.

Highly Viewed 2005 Perimeter Video

A Significant Point:

The sinking of the lot area is recorded in this perimeter video made of May 2007. (The sinking reference is made near the end of said video).

This is the same area that two contractors, within the 2004 / 2005 timeframe, had voiced their recommendation that no large trucks, especially garbage trucks, be allowed to cross this area until it was corrected.

That Sinking Feeling - May / June 2007 Timeframe

  Summer rains are not like the heavier longer saturation rains that occur in the fall and spring. Nevertheless, the drainage from the rear of Building (B) 109 Platinum Drive traveled to the Northerly end of Building (C) 113 Platinum Drive. The drainage would then "pool" at a large area at the rear of Building (C) 113 Platinum Drive. Drainage would then travel down through the crumbling blacktop area and into the loose fill developer base. 

This diagram illustrates the pooling effect behind building 113 Platinum Drive. The damaged 6 inch drainage line was directly under this area, which explained the sinking of the lot area. During weekly observation, the sinking / collapse appeared to be accelerating.

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