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Engineering Reports

We needed an experienced engineer with a strong mining background to assist us. I hired Ray M. Henderson PE, consulting engineer. Mr. Henderson was a former head of Engineering for Consol Energy. His oversight was mines in Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland. Though he possessed intimate knowledge of this area's mining topography, his concern was the parking lot / drainage area at the rear of 113 and 109 Platinum Drive. However, on his initial visit he mentioned building 109 Platinum Drive was built over a coal seam.

Mr. Henderson put forth Two Engineering Reports:



Road Correction


A video clip of the parking lot area at the rear of 113 Platinum Drive, during a rain shower.



All the drainage from the rear parking lot areas of buildings 109 and 113 Platinum Drive and the complete roof drainage of both buildings 109 and 113 Platinum Drive, were being funneled into their property, directly underground; at this sunk area location.

An area that was directly above our red barn.


The rough outline is the area of the slip on our property. It is below the Developer's parking lot area, shown in the video above, but far above the new structure.

Bear in mind; the area that the new building sits on was composed of compactable fill that was brought in by large tandem dump truck from two other Bridgeport residential developments. The cost of this aspect of site preparation was around $15,000.


During the excavation for the Horner Brothers designed drain system, the excavator encountered a natural bench, (bedrock).

French Drain System



The French drainage system was placed directly on top of this bedrock, (the best possible circumstance for a French drain).

The drain system stayed on top of the bedrock until it veered on the southern side of the barn area to get a proper drop level for the drainage that traveled through the French drain. The existence of the bedrock is the reason the slip area had a dipped look to it, (as noted earlier, by HR Marsh), and the reason the barn was not affected. The barn and the road exists over bedrock. The barn was built 38 years ago. The road existed long before that.

An estimate, without core drilling, is the bedrock depth back into the hill is at least 24', taking into account the position of the barn.


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