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October of 2007

October & November of 2007


October of 2007: During this time period, I conversed with Platinum's contractors. 

We discussed the redirection of Building 109 & 113 Platinum Drive's common
drainage roof outlet. This time, the drain outlet had been placed in-between two new recently placed parking lot drains. In other words; It was now hidden. Thus; ruptures in Platinum's roof drain lines could not be detected in the future.

Early morning October 19th:

Video was taken of our recently placed French Drain System's Outlet. There was only noted dampness at the drain end.

Later on, I recorded drips about 40 seconds apart. I decided to stop monitoring the area until we had some saturating rain. We would possibly get drainage output from some of the heavier fall rain storms to come.

October Precipitation


November of 2007: We had various rain storms since the beginning of November.

After a few days of moderate rains, I took some footage of the output of the drain, still no running water. (November 13th).
In this specific area, all drainage from Platinum Properties had been diverted off of us.

November Precipitation

  Teradon Engineering's  "Road to Nowhere"  Image 1: Road to Nowhere   AImage 2: Road to Somewhere

Platinum's contractor's were also trying to figure a way to build an access road directly over the Terradon Engineered Slip Repair Area. A Road, that would add Unnecessary Massive Focal Point Weight, would be totally unusable in the future.

A most detrimental situation. (Image 1)

I informed the contractor that the area to the left side of the entrance is a flat useful area of the hill, that was unaffected. He was relieved, and took it to the left. (Image 2).

(These Scenarios illustrate a Total Lack of Planning, or one of Persistence.



Imagery & Diagrams

In the first image:

Green (3) is Building 109 Platinum Drive.

Green (4) is Building 113 Platinum Drive.

Blue Area 1 and Purple Area 2 are both building's rear lot area.

The Red area is the proximate location of the developer's drainage pumping process.


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