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It was the Worst Times  
December 9, 2007

Below are frame grabs from December 9, 2007. Our French drain outlet on our property finally had some water discharge.

It was the first discharge since the flow disruption encountered after the correction work started on August 6, 2007.

However, there was an unnatural reason for this outflow.


My Aunt Mavis, age 82, had about an inch of water in part her basement. As such, I decided to go above. The original drain that the two new drains were tied into was covered over. I informed the contractors, they said they would remove the fill and plywood off of the drain. The lot drainage had no where to go but over the embankment.

109 & 113 Platinum Drive - Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Frank Lacaria & U.S Route 50


December Precipitation

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