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It was the Worst Times  
Background Movements

A January 23, 2003, Expedited Rezoning by Platinum Properties to The City Of Bridgeport. Said time period, was during the time of the questioned use of our family's large grid fence line for the developer's lateral support.

A September 25, 2003 Purchase Agreement between Platinum Properties and the City of Bridgeport, which involved earlier deed movement that transferred ownership of Certain Property Tracts from the Developer to the City of Bridgeport.

November 2003: Like Clockwork; Videos, Warnings & Realities

A City of Bridgeport Fire Hydrant was opened and left to run. The drainage from the Fire Hydrant left a Mud Dye Tracer on our blacktop. This fact, along with recent logging that was carried out on the Partners' hillside around May of 2003, would be an increase in water runoff.

I would have two City of Bridgeport Public Works employees walk the same path covered in this video. They were familiar with what happened, as they (The City of Bridgeport) were the ones that Caused It when they opened up the fire hydrant and let it run for a long time. "The concrete drain was filled to the edges". They were sorry. I asked them to help in my efforts to get the the ditch line cleaned out.

Shortly thereafter, the City of Bridgeport informed us that they could not intervene in the ditch line maintenance as it was a "landowner issue".

Note: A Retired City of Bridgeport Supervisor and Neighbor, informed us that the developer had removed two above retention ponds So, all would add up to some extreme drainage runoff.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

It Begins:

This video was recorded on November 12, 2003

On November 19, 2003, I went to the City of Bridgeport during a heavy rainstorm. I wanted to show the City where the current flood water was coming from, that was directly affecting our home, access road & US Route 50 down to Ace Hardware. I informed City Planner Randy Spelman, but he was too busy to take a look.

I asked him to look out of the window at US Route 50 and how the drainage was affecting
ACE Hardware. He said he could not.


The next day; I delivered a VHS tape of the previous day's rainstorm to the City of Bridgeport, and received a signed confirmation.

The Bridgeport City Planner intervened. However; after this time period, Corpening Drive suffered episodes of extreme water drainage, some events as dire as in the previous video .A Petroleum Development Corporation representative was also frustrated, as they used Corpening Drive to service one of their gas wells.


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