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Platinum Properties, McDonalds & Us

Background: Rear Area 109 & 113 Platinum Drive

October of 2003: The City of Bridgeport attached a water line to Building 113 Platinum Drive's Fire Hydrant. The water was then pumped over to a gas well drilling operation, which was located on property, that the City of Bridgeport recently purchased from Platinum Properties per September 8, Property Deed and September 25, 2003 Purchase Agreement.

Leaning Guardrails

The below two Images illustrate problematic support at the rear of 109 & 113 Platinum Drive. (Leaning guardrails, whose lateral support slope was held in place by a locust post grid fence line).

Note: The rear lot area dropped a few months later. An Enraged Retired City of Bridgeport Supervisor filed a United States Forestry Complaint. Platinum Properties then Responded with a so called concrete diversion border.

Platinum Properties, McDonalds & US

Frank Lacaria's home adjoins McDonalds Restaurant along U.S Route 50. Frank informed me that McDonald's was receiving  damaging drainage runoff from the upper area; 109 & 113 Platinum Drive.

Frank then contacted me later. Don't you pay attention? He informs me that our red barn was now taking a direct hit of drainage from Platinum Properties lot area. (The first time said area had ever received drainage runoff).

A drainage event had occurred. An event, which dropped the rear lot edge area of 109 and 113 Platinum Drive. From this point forward; Platinum's surface drainage and its yet to be realized underground drainage, had been redirected onto and into our property area. An area, which was located above our red barn.


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