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United States Forestry Service

2004 - United States Forestry Service


An Enraged Retired City of Bridgeport Supervisor filed a July 13, 2004 United States Forestry Complaint about water runoff. (Images Right)

I was then contacted by a representative of Petroplus Corporation to attend a meeting at the rear of 113 Platinum Drive. This was an odd request, as their Previous City Planner; Rich Lane, had informed me never to contact him again over water drainage.

Two adjoining neighbors attended, along with a small swarm of Petroplus employees. A then agitated Rich Lane stated that he did not think he needed to bring counsel and that our land was worthless. Rich Lane then put forth a pre - post development water drainage idea of his.

At which time, neighbor JD stated you cannot release water on another property owner. Rich kept stating the pre - post development water idea. (A scheme that later appeared in Platinum's Terradon Engineering report of 2007).

JD then asked if they surveyed the area to make sure the fence line was the property line. The property line might not be an issue, as fence lines are monumental markers only. Rich Lane then became unnerved.

Note: Within a few years, a prominent arrives and views the then upheavals. The American system would not view this an issue between landowners, nor the realm of attorneys. It was all a construction issue that should have never been allowed to occur. Now that is has, a judge would simply have the fill removed and the buildings torn down.

Drainage Diagram - 2003-2004 time period
At this stage, lot drainage was still trying to reach its designed outlet drain. However the lot area was starting to "dip".

This changed the direction of some of the drainage towards the guardrail / fence area

Imagery 2004: Rear of 109 and 113 Platinum Drive

The photos below illustrate drainage going to a specific area of the guardrail at the rear of building 113 Platinum Drive. This area is directly above our home area.


Concrete Curb

A "Temporary Curb" Concrete Curb and riff raff that was placed around the fire hydrant was in response to a broader forestry complaint. (August 5, 2004)

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