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Property Lines & A Fraudulent Written Agreement

Greenleaf Property Survey

The photos below were taken of Platinum Properties Greenleaf Surveyor's "staking" of Platinum's property line in early 2005.

In some areas, our property line was eight feet toward the developer, (red stakes in the pictures below). See the illustration on the right...


Jackson & Kelly - Written Agreement To Correct Platinum Properties Original Thrasher Engineering's Fence Supported Lateral Support

Note: In 2003, I spoke with this same Cincinnati Insurance agent about Platinum Properties reluctance to correct Thrasher Engineering's lateral locust post, grid fence line support area, before it collapsed. The agent informed me that Cincinnati Insurance was not going to insure any further development for Platinum Properties until they agreed to fix the area. I informed the insurance agent that I offered Rich Lane the use of our property, without financial consideration. It did not make sense to him either why they would not correct the area.


A meeting was held at Jackson and Kelly's office in Morgantown, WV. My wife, JD and I attended. Platinum Properties and Cincinnati Insurance Company's counsel, along with two agents were also present. (At the time, I was losing my vision and we did not know the cause).

Attorney Eric London for Platinum Properties
provided a figure that their Engineer said it would cost to repair the area without the use of our property. (It was not until a year later that I learned that their Engineer had not put forth such figures). Attorney George Stewart for Cincinnati Insurance Company took the lead. They agreed to correct the area; build a support wall and divert the drainage away from us and to the rear of Building B, (109 Platinum Drive), and leave an access road. The work was to be completed by September of 2005

Our main concern: We had been planning to construct a building and had already been delayed two years. However, the building would be directly below this area, as we we wanted to start its construction this spring (2005). Thus; all was agreeable. Later on JD went over the agreement. I wanted to see Platinum Properties Engineering plans for the retention wall. This should have been readily available if Platinum Properties Engineer had already stated the figure to correct the area. Their figure could only come after reviewing at least two engineering plans. One with the use of our property, another without the the use of our property. JD informed us that you would have to give them lee-way to correct the area. When they did correct the area, they would have to build the retention wall to City of Bridgeport specifications. We signed against my every instinct and we, along with every one else would pay a steep price.

Per the Breeched, (Now Irrelevant), Written Agreement: Permanent correction to the area was to be completed by September 30, 2005.

An Overview Plat of our area and surrounding neighbors. A visual perspective only

Mid 2005 to later in 2006, after the retaining pond was constructed.

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