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About - "It Was The Worst Of Times"

"It was the Worst of Times" was placed in the public domain on July 28, 2011. It is an authoritative documentary that systematically addresses realities that few are aware of. Property acquisition through aggressive devaluation techniques, operating within an apparent mandate of absolute certainly over perceived weaker individuals, as in the quote below, usually the elderly.

"The agent informed me that he could not intervene; laws do not exist that would allow him to intervene. What was happening was not unique. What was unique was his age. "This happens to older people after a spouse passes away. Most of the time, it is a widow in this position. Older people do not have the resources to fight". He further stated that if he would document the situation, laws would be passed to make sure this does not happen to anyone else in the future. There needed to be a documented case. They never had a documented case for the reasons mentioned previously".

During, October of 2011 on-site examinations and record searches were performed by an internationally renowned professional. The open and notorious man-made conditions relevant to www.wvcountryroads.us garnered inferences of A Societal Breakdown.

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