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DEP - Department Of Environmental Protection  2003 to 2008  

Department of Environmental Protection - A Warning

A large West Virginia Developer would not respond to a simple request, from an adjoining landowner, to clean out a development's drainage ditch line. The local city would not get involved, even though large areas of the same local city and a Federal Highway were taking  massive drainage damages.

The Department of Environmental Protection was contacted. The DEP agent knew exactly where the location was. He had stopped the developer earlier. They were pushing fill over trees at the head of the valley. In his own words: "They were going to bring the whole valley down".  

The DEP agent stated that laws do not exist that would allow him to currently intervene. He informed us of what was going to happen to us in the future usually occurs to older people after a spouse passes away: They usually wait until such a time as older people do not have the resources to fight. .... It's usually a widow in this position. Our age made us unique. As such; a documented case is needed so laws could be passed to make sure this does not happen to anyone else in the future. They needed a documented case.

So, I decided to document all for posterity...

The Intervention Area
Apparently, pushing of earthen fill onto and over an existing forest Was Not A Good Idea. So, the DEP Stopped It.   The Party's then switched areas and repeated the process. (The Basis For This Current Documentary)   A Partnership would return to the original DEP Halted area in 2005. This time with a fistful of Tax Payer Dollars.

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