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Wall Estimates & Miss Utility

The Following Wall Estimates were acquired prior to Platinum Properties 109 and 113 Platinum Drive's latter upheaval/s and their subsequent dubious repairs of 2007/2008. I received four different estimates to construct a retaining wall, three were forwarded to Platinum Properties.

Contractor One

● A verbal estimate from an individual who stated his company could build a support wall for around $25,000.00. I did not get his contact information. Later, when I needed to verify his estimate, he and his construction crew was gone.

Contractor Two

● His first estimate was $180,000 to remove the Developer's placed fill from the Lacaria property back to the property line. The City of Bridgeport would have to be involved, as there was a high pressure water line, a Hope Gas Line, a fiber optic cable, and a Petroleum Development Gas well feeder line within the slope area. Also, part of building C may have to be removed. This estimate was only for the earth and slope removal.

● The second estimate was a staggering $1,000,000. A wall would be built. It would consist of poured concrete approximately 300 hundred feet long, 12 feet deep by 3 feet wide, with 2 feet showing out of the ground at the low end of their slope. This pour wall design would lock the area into the solid bedrock of the area itself supporting the existing Platinum area with no removal of their property. The contractor could not find the down spout roof drain outlets for either building and stated that No large trucks, especially garbage trucks, be driven around the rear of buildings 109 and 113 Platinum Drive, as the added weight would worsen the situation.

Contractor 3: 

 Provided an estimate between $50,000 to $60,000 for an Engineered Wall. They were going to utilize 80 pound interlocking blocks.

Contractor 4:

● Provided an estimate between $100,000 to $130,000 for a wall that is similar to what they build for the state road. They would utilize 1 to 2 ton concrete blocks. His estimate was based on using the Lacaria property only. He did not want to work in the slope area as it is loose fill was giving way. His main concern was for the utilities, especially the 6" high pressure water line. He stated any removal of fill may rupture the water line and that kind of pressure would blow out a good part of the area, causing immediate damage to the lot, possibly building C, and any property below. 

● They would verify compaction first. However, they did not foresee a problem, as the Lacaria property has never been excavated and is sound. They would build the wall as close to the fence as possible to cut down on fill weight. Diverting Platinum Properties lot drainage back to its original route would be inclusive. They would be bonded and provide drawings, if needed. (The contractor's fears emulated those of COB Public Works Employees in regard to the 6" high pressure water line).

 Miss Utility - Background  

My wife and I repaired the Water Damage To Our Barn. We disposed of the water damaged items and painted the barn inside and out. The barn took the initial hit of the water runoff from above in 2003 / 2004.

Before  After 




Miss Utility

Miss Utility was contacted. (This is the logical step before any excavation to correct the fence line area was begun). Petroleum Development Corporation's line locater contacted me. He stated that Platinum Properties pushed Petroleum Development's gas line to pushed onto our property. Later, an agent from Petroleum Development (PDC) contacted me. He stated that the gas well was not producing that much gas anymore, so they were going shut it down and abandon the line, which they did the next day. The capping of the gas well itself was more extensive, thus took more time.

Note: The reason for Petroleum Development's drastic actions was their concerns: 1) They had been using Lacaria property to transmit their gas for years, without a right of way. 2) Their Gas line had been covered over by Platinum's Properties notorious loose fill steep slope. 3) A slope that was supported by a generational landowner's grid fence line, that would only collapse in a few years. 4) Their stated trepidation with Platinum Properties. (Shortly after the above, Platinum Properties contacted us to meet over the situation).

This fact was bore out later by PDC: A few years later; Petroleum Development refracted the shutdown gas well, and placed a new gas line in a opposite direction over property owned by The Bridgeport Planning Authority. This alludes to the fact that the gas well had been producing correctly for years.

Nevertheless; The wisdom of Petroleum Development's gas line abandonment Would Be Realized Within A Few Short Years.


    PDC's Pre-Miss Utility; Buried Gas Line

  PDC 's Post Retention Pond & Slope  


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